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by @Bnut_xyz

Bnut App

Bnut is a free crypto price watch, price alert, crypto bookkeeping and news app. It does not require signup and keeps all data on device. It's available for Android now. The following are the major features of Bnut.

  • Price watch - Add your favorite crypto asset to watch its latest price.
  • Price alert - Set above and below of asset price limit. You'd receive a push notification when the price limit matches the market price.
  • Price converter - A very handy crypto price converter that converts price of a crypto asset to USD or other crypto.
  • Bookkeeper - It's a grouped and well structured bookkeeping tool especially for those who're just getting started with crypto. You can record the amount of traded crypto and the amount of money spent for a purchase or gained after selling. End of the day you'd have a clear idea of how much your trades have cost you or profited you.
  • News - Latest crypto and blockchain industry news updated hourly from a wide selection of online media.
  • Data backup - You could backup the data on device and then import it back into the app if required.

We're happy to contribute a tiny bit to the crypto world with Bnut. In the longer term we wish to integrate Bnut with an interesting blockchain. We hope Bnut would be a helpful tool for your crypto adventure.

Please shoot your feedbacks to [email protected], we'd appreciate it. And a small donation would keep us going ;) Thanks and best of luck.


  • Just follow the flow of the interface and you'd be fine. In the screens with listed items, long-press an item to see additional functions.
  • If you're not receiving price alert notifications, try to refresh notification token at Settings. Note that you'd only get the notification if the prices that you set match the market price. We're trying our best here.

Backup & Restore

  • Backup may require permission to store the database backup file in your device storage. So, please allow permission if requested. The backup file is stored in a folder called 'BnutXyz'. Use your file manager app to find the folder. You may copy the backup file to your PC or cloud storage.
  • Select the correct backup file when you're trying to restore the database. For the restore to take effect you must close and then relaunch the app.


  • Bnut does not require or take any of your personal data except push notification token if you use the Alert feature.


  • Bnut is free software provided as is. We've tried our best to make sure it is of quality and performant.